Terms and Conditions


For deposits and balances to be paid, here are the following payment options we accept: PayPal – Friends & Family or as buyer protection (in this case ass 4.6% of extra fees) Bank Transfer Deposits are not refundable. 


All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping, once payment is received, we will process your requested species. 25% is required immediately to hold animals and remaining payment 1 week prior to shipping date. Shipping charge is not included in any animal cost unless noted otherwise. 

PLEASE BE AWARE. We also do source animals from other sellers and breeders. All animals that are from these sellers (TPS) are under these risks:

We are not responsible for any tail drops by lizards such as geckos.

We are not responsible for any illness, injury or death of any reptile(s).

We are not responsible for any mis-sexed animals or mis-shipped species.

We do not know what the history or living environment is for these animals. We absolutely cannot offer any guarantees due to this.

We do however try our best to have the animals come from reputable, QUALITY sellers

We encourage sellers to double check their animals before selling to us.
If there will be any problem, as sex mistake, health problems, death of snake caused by previous diseases, the animal dosent appears as in the photo, wrong weight, then the seller itself will be exposed , if he is not willing to cooperate. It is our customer’s right to publicly share his experience with the seller.

For this reason , the terms must be read accepted from both parties, sellers and buyers.

Directly Sourced from Colubra reptiles (DSC), will be guarantee as follows:
Live arrival guarantee;
Sex determination guarantee;
Health conditions guarantee;
Any complaint must be submitted within 3 days after delivery (after physically we delivered the reptiles, to You or to Your exporter).