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Colubra was born from our strong passion for reptiles, which brought us together more than 10 years ago.
With time, perseverance and commitment, this passion has transformed into the job of our dreams.
We work hard every day to offer our customers the best quality of reptiles and plants, and we are always available to accomplish your requests.

The Italian professional herpetoculturists Augusta Sacchetta and Mattia Fieramoschi started up a new life in 2018 in the heart of Europe, Belgium.
This small and humble country offered them an ideal setting for their new business, Colubra.

Today, Colubra has grown to be the largest colubrid breeding facility in the country. It has running breeding projects on multiple snake and lizard species, organizes expositions and offers quality import & export services.

What makes us the best in Europe?

We offer our clients exactly what they want. Wether it is high quality, captive bred animals, a fast and secure delivery or a swift and safe import… We’ve got it! No compromises, no hassle. Only the best.

Why work with us?

If you’re looking for the most beautiful specimens in Europe, give us a call! We breed several of the World’s most interesting and beautiful species. We don’t breed what you want? No worries. We’ve been in the hobby for a while! We have thousands of contacts and hundreds of associated breeders that will surely breed exactly what you’re looking for. 

When it comes to Import & Export, we offer you the best services and rates in Europe. Hands down. Your animals will always arrive safe and sound if you deal with us.

Meet our Team

Our professionals are here to satisfy all your needs.

Mattia Fieramoschi & Augusta Sacchetta

Mattia Fieramoschi, head of the company Colubra, with over 25 years of experience in breeding and keeping different species, takes care of our reptiles and management of the whole breeding process.

Augusta Sacchetta, head of the logistic section, takes care of our customer service and leads our shipments through the world.