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We regularly ship your reptiles from and to the USA, making this process safe and smooth.
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Find your new pet!
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Let’s get it there fast and healthy!

We offer fast, safe and cheap import and export services across the entire Globe. If you want a nice, healthy animal from a breeder just a bit too far away to drive… we’ll get it for you!
You need to read and accept our Policy before booking your shipment, and fill our form.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not European couriers! We don’t ship animals into european countires, our import and export is valid ONLY outside Europe! If you need a courier into Europe, please check our suggestions list. Please note that we only suggest couriers with authorized van for animals transport.

  • UK – EU – UK (Hamm/Houten)
    – Greens courier Facebook +44 7926 199678
    – Ridgeway courier Facebook
  • Italy (from North to South)
    – Giancarlo de Cristofaro Facebook

PLEASE NOTE: We do not export/import CITES reptiles. Check in this section our dates for Import and Export worldwide!

On request, we can ship to the following countries from Europe:

  • Korea
  • Japan

Shipping price for 1 box: 1450€, each box on top it will cost 350€. Each box may contain up to 80 reptiles (approx.) depending on species and size. 

Next Import/Export price list and dates

PLUS domestic shipping from Florida (normally around 75 USD, depending on the size of the package/quantity of reptiles) to your customer’s Hub, this fee will be paid directly from your customer in the USA to our Partner in Florida, he will send to the customer(s) an email few days upon shipping, to get domestic shipping paid.

Please remind to your customer(s) to keep on eye on their email, for the invoice coming from Petaholiks, Inc. 

We teamed up with Feedle, our Korean partner has to offer nothing but professionalism, comunication skills and everything you can wish for a smooth process to bring your reptile(s) from Korea to Europe without issues. We do not accept other(s) partnerships requests. 

How the process works ?

Once you bought your animal(s) from the foreign country, you need to fill our form to proceed with the booking.

One week before the shipping date, we will send you a message/email with the instructions to ship, that you will forward to your seller in the foreign country. 

He will ship your animal(s) to our partener in Florida, and 2 days later he will ship the animals to Europe, where we will pick up and delivery to you in Hamm (date of Terraristika Hamm expo).