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Find your new pet!
We sell high quality and selected reptiles.You can find what is currently available for sale in our availability section.
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Colubra has over 20 years of experience
in Keeping & Breeding

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We breed several of the World’s most interesting and beautiful species, and supply rare ornamental plants.
We don’t breed what you want? No worries.
We’ve been in the hobby for a while! We have many of contacts and associated breeders that will surely breed exactly what you’re looking for.


We breed several species of colubrids, such as Pituophis, Drymarchon and Philodryas baroni.

Geckos & Lizards

We breed high end Correlophus ciliatus, Mniarogekko chahoua and several tree monitors species.

Ornamental Plants

We can supply beautiful rare species of Ornamental plants, such as Monstera, Philodendron, Alocasia and more?